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Over the past dozen years, the images that I’ve shared have had several homes.  This domain,, is merely the latest...and presently, the one with the largest capacity for media.

One of my earliest websites was on, starting in 1996. which was fortunate to have received early recognition from Google.  Webspan was a small, local ISP and was bought out by a larger company and was ‘turned off’ in 2006, thus ending a decade of presence on

Overlapping this period, I set up the domain in 2000, courtesy of “Ron in San Diego” Ron Fuller, a friend from the (originally BITNET) SCUBA-L scuba discussion mailing list, who ran  Unfortunately, Ron died while solo scuba diving on his rebreather, so his old San Diego Scuba Diving pages are disappearing too (but still on the Wayback Machine).  His family has since passed the daily management of the domains to others, and is now being run by Flash HQ.  Flash has been a good provider and all of our public email accounts are though here. 

In the meantime, quasi-"newsworthy" stuff and other ramblings can be found on this blog.

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